5 thoughts on “A thought-provoking drawing!

  1. I like this, we need to know what goes on in our childrens heads, encouraging kids to express their feeling without any interference, ask questions and they will tell you what they know and what they think and what they see… they are their own person, sometimes we want them to behave like us, be like everyone else, it’s not our place to do that but to guide them to be themself. Less media the better.

    • I agree! Knowing what our and others’ kids are thinking is doubly important because the media is ever-changing. There’s no set of strict rules that you can follow as a parent or educator in order to avoid it completely. And like you said, they are their own person and all you can really do is give them some of the tools that you used to come to the right conclusions!

  2. I love how kids will say just what they think, or in this case draw. Their eyes aren’t as closed as we think they are. I know I like to think that my kids are innocent and aren’t affected by the things that I see in the world, but they pay far more attention that I like to admit.

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