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Hi!                                                                         franci bw

I am Francesca Morosi, doctoral researcher supported by a 3-years scholarship at Nottingham Trent University.

My previous academic background is a BSc in Economics (University of Rome) and a MA (Dist.) in Marketing Management at De Montfort University. My professional background includes creative writing (poetry, children books and magazines articles), blogging & photography, marketing/advertising consultancy and various project-leading assignments within different companies and institutions.

My main research interests are in the area of consumer behaviour, identity construction, gender stereotypes, media /marketing effects on children and marketing ethics.

I am passionate about improving the life and wellbeing of children: I strongly believe that research should have social impact or there is not meaning to it. My aim is precisely to do this, through different levels of action:

1) implementing innovative research methods and participatory action research

2) promoting the reach of media literacy training for the empowerment of young girls

3) campaigning via social media to raise awareness of gender sterotypes & narrow beauty standards

4) acting as an influencer to push for more ethical and responsible advertising & marketing aimed at children and youth.

I am willing to combine my research interests and my creative abilities to reach these goals and I would be glad to hear from any potential collaborator, from the public, academic, charity/voluntary or private sector.

Time is limited at the moment, so I’m always looking for guest bloggers or contributors. If you have a story or a link to share please make yourself visible, don’t hesitate to email me at info@mediasavvygirls.org

Thanks for reading my blog and please post your comments or share any post you like with your friends and social network: this is another way you can make a difference!

My PhD research websites:



MSG’s website:


and finally my newly launched social awareness project



To a better world!



10 thoughts on “About me

  1. You write about a subject I am passionate about and being the mother of 2 little girls, it is something I need to continually educate myself on so I can help them navigate through life. Great blog! Thank you, thank you!

    • Great! Thanks for subscribing and don’t forget to participate in the discussion! All the best, Francesca

  2. LOVE this idea. We need outreach like this so, so badly. Thank you for putting it into action.

  3. Francesca,

    My name is Randa Fox, and I have started a Foundation called Not On Our Watch America Foundation (notonourwatch.NET). Our aim is to raise awareness of the sexual abuse of children, working toward prevention. About 4 years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would not let another generation of children grow up in the kind of insanity I experienced. And over the past 4 years I have also learned how everything is connected.

    I tend to believe that in this world, we humans and our actions are all so closely linked to one another, that every time we speak up about injustice, we are making a difference.

    But I feel the need to know that I am TRULY making an impact on the lives of children born, and those yet to be born. And at the same time, helping the MILLIONS of adults who were sexually molested as children to find their voice and to allow the healing to begin.

    Thanks so much for everything that you do. I would very much like to stay in touch.

    Much Love,

    Randa Fox
    Not On Our Watch America Foundation



    • Thank you so much to all of you, I am so very glad to be connected. Let’s keep in touch on each other progress! Francesca

  4. Thank you for the work you do. I work at a non-profit for peace that also has a project about human trafficking. We recently had a forum on Capitol Hill on this issue, I learned that traffickers “put out lines” as if they are fishing for the vulnerable youth that have slipped through the cracks of their communities, families and friends. I cant help but think about the youtube videos of all those girls that posted the “am i pretty or ugly” and think how they could fall to prey in so many ways not only mentally/emotionally but their is physical danger as well. I thank you for bringing light to this issue and would like to help in anyway I can to spread more consciousness on this important issue that can protect all the beautiful, precious girls out there.

  5. Dear Esther,

    Apologies. For some reason the original comment I wrote a while ago in response to your comment never went through, so I am re-writing to you.
    That video that you watched was uploaded by Upworthy and was going viral, reaching 176,000 in its third day: I was quite frankly taken by surprise and felt overwhelmed by emails and requests of collaboration, but also concerned about the video receiving too much publicity with a risk of overexposing the girls featuring in it. It was a hard decision to take but I decided to withdraw the video as it was and make a blurred version to protect girls identity: I had to balance the need to raise awareness about the issue with the welfare of the girls and their parents. The new blurred video has been uploaded. The sad thing is that some of these girls are incredibly young and most times parents are totally unaware of their videos. Some of them talk about already being bullied at school and it is tragic to see that they do not realise that with their videos they are actually inviting further bullying.
    I hope we can work together to raise awareness of the problem, feel free to share the video within your network

    I wish you a merry Christmas & a very special new year! Francesca

  6. Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I am the mother of two young girls and I have lots of anxiety about raising them to be strong, kind, independent, women of virtue. I love the positive, educated, helpful information that can be found here. I am definitely positing it to share with family. I look forward to spending more time enjoying your articles and sharing ideas. Thanks!

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