IMPORTANT: How to read and navigate this blog!

Ok, I think I should give some direction to new readers to help navigate effectively this blog before things get more confused!

First of all, the blog will serve two main purposes:

1) it will serve as a journal for all my ideas and reflections regarding promoting media and social literacy for young girls

2) it will collect useful links and resources from others campaigns and organisations operating in the same area

This means that – as the nature of the blog is to present each recent post at the start and the old ones progressively archived – for a reader the best way to find his/her way around is to browse the blog through the “categories” section.

See CATEGORIES as a sort of map, guiding through the different nature of posts.

If you are looking for something more specific, try the SEARCH at the top of the blog and see if it helps.

To help me with further resources and links to be posted on site, send me a quick email or a comment and I will thank you for it! 🙂