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If you are a parent or educator, or indeed a girl growing up and wondering how to counteract all this pressure on beauty and the mad gender stereotyping coming from marketing and media, then look for resources which teach and make you reflect on these issues.

There are literally HUNDREDS of resources out there, experts and on-experts, inspirational speakers and role models ready to bring awareness and enhance your knowledge to a sophisticated level of mastery!

Are you ready to feel inspired?

In this playlist on our You Tube channel you’ll find a collection of inspirational speakers: their words & passion will lift your spirit high and make you realise that – despite the constant bombardment of media and marketing pressure – we CAN indeed be IN CONTROL of what we feel and think about ourself.

Media and marketing message are not going away and they are not going to change overnight, but we can start to be more conscious and by doing so, be able to live a fulfilled life, in true love and acceptance of who we really are!

Happy watching!


19 thoughts on “Check this Inspirational Speakers Playlist

  1. There’s a lot of food for thought here. It’s all very inspiring to hear how passionate people are but heartbreaking that these kinds of topics make for such widespread issues. More people need to see content like this, and from a young age if possible. Media and marketing are never going to change and they will always do what gets them exposure and money so until the slow process of making body image exploitation unprofitable is complete, this kind of thing needs to get exposure.

    It’s no use force-feeding this great resource down the throat of someone who could benefit, but is unresponsive and not open to change. That’s why it should be encouraged slowly and introduced at a young age so when our sisters, friends and daughters go on YouTube to watch a beauty tutorial from their favourite vlogger, it is from someone who gives them the right ideas and has responsible messages. Not someone who is going to make them more vulnerable.

    That’s my opinion and what I hope to achieve when the opportunity presents itself. I’d like to hear from people who know of great consistent sources on YouTube that appeal especially to younger girls, which will help them learn the right philosophies for themselves. What other videos do fellow readers find inspiring?

    • I agree with you themisterdel, force-feeding such videos is unlikely to change people’s outlook on the issue.

      In my opinion the biggest problem is that it is hard to look at the big picture when we are caught up in our daily lives. Something bad might happen, and you are looking for a quick fix. In these instances you can’t evaluate the situation properly, but you are bombarded with those thousands of ads every day. If you are not strong, you might give in. This is why we, the people have to help each other. Help our family members and friends by being a source of inspiration on a daily basis. Unconditional love is so important. It helps build the self esteem of the ones you love, which helps them develop their core values. Those values will serve as a beacon, and help lead a balanced, happy life. If you are clear of what is important to you and where you want to go, the message of the media can’t get to you.

  2. This is so wonderful! Not only am I proud to know there are courageous young women out there, willing to speak out — but that social media actually helping to connect girls who need encouragement with these young thought leaders. There is reason to feel hopeful that we are headed in a positive direction! The pendulum is swinging in our favor, I think.

  3. The videos speaks a lot of truth. I’m so glad I’m no longer consumed with my personal appearance or trying to fit the mold of “Western beauty” as I was on high school and junior high. Every body is beautiful and valuable! More young women need to know that.

  4. In reply to “themisterdel”:

    Who gets to decide what the “right philosophies for them” are? In my opinion, striving to look like the “prettiest woman in the world” is not always a bad thing if it gets them in the gym exercising and eating healthy.

  5. I LOVE that first video from Naked Notion! Thanks so much for sharing! She makes a great observation on the trifecta that defines beauty in the Western world and she’s so right about speaking with our wallets. I still struggle with defining my self-worth by my body size.

    Michelle – I understand where you’re coming from. I spent most of my life morbidly obese. I was very unhealthy but the problem was that I also felt like I was worthless. As a teenager, I lived in a constant state of feeling helpless, ashamed and worthless. It wasn’t until I was 30 years old before I got down to a healthy weight. While losing the weight I developed exercise bulimia. Now I’m trying to manage my weight but getting heavier and battling that part of me that hates feeling fat. For people who struggle with body image it’s a bigger thing than just exercising more or eating less.

    • I too loved Naked Notion. She is correct that speaking with your wallet is one of the most important tools to having a company or brand recognize whether you are pleased or not pleased with their service or marketing.

      I remember a year or two ago when Abercrombie was embroiled in a marketing blitz that promoted fat shaming while pushing quite harshly their idea of the perfect body. Women everywhere took to the web encouraging their friends who shop there to reconsider. Abercrombie stock fell and now they are trying to recoup by producing a plus size line.

  6. I’m a people pleaser, and I am working on that in my self and passing that on to my daughters. I think it’s important to please my self, and often when I am happiest is when I am helping others, engaged in favorite hobbies, etc. I really enjoyed the different clips and think that there were many good points. thanks!

    • I am working on this as well, Jodie. It was not until three weeks ago that I realized that I have not placed myself first once. I have moved when a boyfriend asked, I have changed plans because a friend no longer wanted to go their, I have said yes when I really wanted to say no, and I have allowed my heart to be broken by those who were never worthy of my affection or love. But how do you compromise without compromising yourself?

  7. I’m so proud to hear the girl in the first video be real about how much crap media is for women. All women are beautiful in their own very special way. I have heavy friends, skinny friend, medium sized friends, blondes, gingers, and brunettes. And they are all the most beautiful people in the world to me. Without them I’m sure that I might not have been able to accomplish the things I have in life.

  8. Awesome! Great vids. I’m excited for this movement. Have you seen the TEDtalks about beauty that is done by a model? It’s really really good. It’s time to change the way we talk to girls about beauty. Sometimes I can’t believe we’re in the 21st century.

  9. As a single dad of a teenage girl I struggle with getting positive thoughts through to her because she’s currently in the whole don’t-need-your-advice-I’m-a-grownup phase. She has several body insecurities and her friends are in the same boat so I’m trying to help her be more positive and not focus that much on her looks because it’s not what she should be focusing on.

    I will let this playlist open in her laptop and hope she clicks to watch the videos because these girls appear very genuine and hope she follows their advice instead on nourishing so much hate towards her body.

  10. “Media and marketing message are not going away and they are not going to change overnight” Very true! I’ve worked long and hard trying to undo the damage that sexist attitudes and behaviors have done to me; unlearning the negative behavior and thinking that I’ve developed as a result. What I’m working on now is guarding myself against the behavior and attitudes of those that choose to entertain cultural and media sexism. It’s been so difficult and I’ve lost a few people I considered friends, but I’ve never been happier with myself.

  11. Thanks for this great collection Francesca, more young women should watch these videos. As a woman I know how hard it is to learn how to be yourself and to learn to not compare yourself to everyone and everything that we are exposed to through everyday media. Now that I am in my 30’s I can look at these videos and understand how teens are affected and more vulnerable to comparisons and to the everyday pressure of fitting in and of being the kind of “normal” that is accepted by society. Let’s share this with more people 🙂

  12. Sitting here watching these videos I think of this time when I was this age and it was the exact same thing I was going through! It never changes does it? It just wasn’t as stressful or pressurized when I was growing up in the 70’s & 80’s or maybe it was and I just didn’t give a hoot 🙂

    Totally agree with Ana in regards to how hard it is not to compare yourself to everyone. One of my nieces is overweight and even though she never says anything about her weight she will make innuendos about it when my sister and I are with her and I believe she does this looking for feedback from us.

    My sister made it clear to me never to talk to my niece about her weight so I stay out of that business but I have a feeling maybe my sister should be giving her more advice or helping her more? I don’t know….But this goes back to the 70’s & 80’s, my sister was overweight & I wasn’t and my Mom would always have her on a diet, so my Sister is very sensitive about “diet” and saying things to her kids. Really wish these type of videos were around when I was young. Great list.

  13. The playlist is powerful and very disheartening. I wish there wasn’t a need for such affirmations en masse. I just wish that could people stopped focusing on appearance period. I’m really into business, and I think that if there was more focus on areas of interest outside of appearance there would be less of a need for so many videos such as the ones on the playlist.

    My step-daughter is at an impressionable age and she’s very beautiful. When people tell her that she’s beautiful, we affirm that, and then we say “you’re very smart, too!” so she tells people, “I’m smart too!” It’s pretty amazing and adorable.

    I would like to see a playlist full of videos that express why young girls are smart and encourage them to be more ambitious.

  14. I’ve actually watched Laci Green’s videos before and I love them! I agree with her 100% on basically everything. She has a very good way with talking about those things and making herself clearly understood.

    I think that for young girls who are unsure what they’re supposed to do and believe, videos such as these are great resources to simply state and teach them that they’re equals and all about feminism without “brainwashing” them. Especially when many of these particular topics are uncomfortable for most girls to discuss with their parents, this is a good way to educate them without them having to do something they don’t want to do.

  15. These videos were fun to watch. Though it made me so glad I’m no longer in high school, worrying about what to wear and whether is “fashionable” enough (now I just have to make sure I don’t scare my husband!! 🙂 )
    I know most still do have insecurities, even I do, but the fact that there are younger people out there that are wanting to make a difference, wanting to set a standard that’s not consumed with what others think and what’s “cool” is really awesome to see. Can’t wait to see how the younger generation turns out.

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