Do 8-year-old girls need anti-aging makeup?

As I had the chance to see during my research, make-up is becoming hugely popular among tweens, especially at parties and celebrations (see , tab “Free time & Beauty”). It is so widespread that it’s now the “new normality” and most 8-9 years old in my study think in fact that it is a normal practice.

Not all of them embrace make-up in the same way: from the total sample of 37, there is a 25% of make-up enthusiasts and then about a 15% not interested at all. The majority (60%) are girls who enjoy make-up at parties and special occasions but are not that into it to wear it every day, or others who use it only occasionally as a game between girlfriends.

Today I came across this article which title I really enjoyed :)) was 2011 back then, I reckon I could find out at this point how this new launched product is doing!

One thought on “Do 8-year-old girls need anti-aging makeup?

  1. I think it’s simply preposterous to market a product like this. Are they seriously trying to inflict the fear of getting wrinkles to young girls? The damage of such irresponsible marketing should not be underestimated. I am a visual artist and work for a charity which treat girls suffering with body dismorphic disorder (BDD) and see the effect of this type of messages every day…it’s heartbreaking and simply unnecessary. Not everybody is affected in the same way, but what about the most vulnerable girls out there, the ones without a stable and supporting family, the ones with no many buffers and options in the life? When will people realise that what we sell to our children can really shape their life and feeling about themselves?

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