This is another US movement which started recently

SPARK is a girl-fuelled activist movement to demand an end to the sexualisation of women and girls in media. They’re collaborating with hundreds of girls (age 13-22) and more than 60 US national organizations to reject the commodified, sexualized images of girls in media and support the development of girls’ healthy sexuality and self-esteem.

“One of the most unique, important things about SPARK is that we’re a movement by girls, for girls and girls’ allies (including boys and grownups). We center girls’ experiences and elevate girls’ voices because we know that “protecting them” from sexualization doesn’t work–we need to help girls develop their own strengths and speak out against the forces that harm them. Our SPARKteam is made up of engaged, passionate girls and young women who are building their own solutions and leading a movement against the sexualization, objectification, and violence against women present in the media”

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  1. THIS IS SO RIGHT! Girls are constantly bombarded by so many ​​images like the ones in the covers of magazines and are ready to judge themselves simply on the basis of how their look measures up to models, so they put themselves on absurd and unhealthy diets, cover themselves in layers of make-up just to be like any model. In this cycle they all forget about spiritual development and about having real fun! How important is to teach girls about the manipulation of media images! The saddest thing is that girls want to appeal to guys, but they do not realize that a picture is a picture: a girl should be not only beautiful, but also fun, personality, charm…beautiful, dolls-like but uniteresting can be usually admired a couple of weeks and then men will get bored and pass to something else. Everybody need spiritual nourishment and this constant focus on appearance is meant to destroy girls confidence in what they can be. WE NEED A CHANGE OF DIRECTION I SAY! Thanks for this blog 😉

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