2 thoughts on “Kim (9 years old girl from UK) draws about “why girls are the best”

  1. I enjoy this series from you and hope you’re planning to do some similar stuff in the future. Short stories and letters and things might also be a great medium to snapshot their media and social perceptions too!

  2. I love this, very provocative…it actually makes you realise how young girls see “being a girl” in today’s world. I hope she will see things differently one day: girls are not just good at doing their make-up or “not being rude”. I agree with what you said in earlier posts: the media are pervasive and send all kind of messages, it’s up to young people to critically question and absorb the right ones and to be able to do this education is paramount. Parents should be educated too! I hope this young lady keeps her hopes and dreams wide open. She deserves it, as do we all.

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