Double standards in society and media: feminist parody of Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” inappropriate?


Today I found an interesting article in The Independent, regarding a feminist remake-parody of Robin Thicke’s worldwide hit song “Blurred Lines”: the video/song parody was apparently removed from You Tube for being considered “inappropriate”!

I had a good look at both videos to see what the fuss was about and couldn’t detect anything remotely inappropriate in the parody video, while I could see why Thicke’s video and lyric have been criticised so much by various feminists and women advocates. The parody is quite hilarious but I would not define it inappropriate in the slightest.

Indeed if you watch both videos you’ll agree with me that the reaction to the parody was simply unjustifiable – and I assume this is why You Tube has reactivated the video after the producers appealed against the removal: it was nothing else than a “reversal of roles” done in a humoristic way: how can anyone find anything offensive in that?

Well…I guess this is a brilliant example of the rampant double standard we have in our culture and media: the definition of “inappropriate representation” varies according to conformity or non-conformity to society widely accepted sex roles.